Cup cake toppers.

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So i see…..cute little cup cakes have given the mighty cakes a little run for their money.
I figured how that is possible…
They are very cost effective.Compare the cost of a cake serving 12 people and 12 cupcakes.Well you may add a few extra, incase someone needs a second ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
Super easy when it comes to serving especially the little ones.
Every one gets an identical piece…no more going for the favorite icing blob.
Lets face it…thet are just cute.And what can you do to make these simple little cuties look more interesting and fun..add a cup cake topper.

Price : $8.00 for a set of 12 toppers.
Groundshipping USPS rates apply.

(Usually a pack of 24 cost $2).


Clip boards/Journals

These clip boards/journals are perfect as a gift to any girl. Have sold a few to grandmoms,\ buying them for their grand daughters. Multiples of the same can be made for return favors for birthday parties and customized with the names of the recipient. The best gift a teacher could recieveย from her students.And we all know a teacher needs a clipboard. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The standard large size clip boards measure approximately 8.5×12.5 inches The smaller ones measure about 5×8 inches. Any preference to color and print will be kept in consideration. If you aren’t a fan of the distressed vintage look and prefer the clean-cut sharp finishes…. They are available too. Just get in touch and let’s talk about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Journals usually come in a size 5″x8″ and can be customised with a name or a personal message on the cover.These are hard cover journals with 80 sheets. Shipping details Standard shipping rates apply. Can be mailed in two business days after the order is placed. Shipping usually varies from $5.95-6.75. Other items like cards and small gift boxes,if purchased, shall be mailed free with the purchase of any large sized clip boards.


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So Christmas came a little early. I take it this way….anything to make one happy be it colors, creations or the jingle behind it.
All christmas cards are $3.00 each for a purchase of more than 10 cards (assorted kinds).
individual cards can be sold on a single price basis for $3.00 each.
Each set of tags is considered as one card and hence would cost $3.00 or whatever price mentioned specifically for that particular set.

Shipping details:
$1:00 up to five cards.
$2:00 for cards between ten and twenty cards.
Shipping costs are calculated for domestic ground shipping in the United States.
Your order will be shipped the next business day.
Some of the cards in the this section have already been sold out and so an order placed for them would vary a little in regards to a slight difference in color.The cards will be marked “sold”.

Pots n Plants.

Hi friends,
Just got a few saplings a few months back at the oneset of spring …took real good care of them and got the desired results.The excitement was not just restricted to my seven year old daughter, who would get up every morning, go to the balcony and check the progress of our new friends. The feeling was probably a little more elevated when it came to her mother ;).

Recently i added ‘The Lucky Bamboo’ to my list. Honestly, i tried keeping one before but failed miserably until i had to throw the drying/diying plant away. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
But we learn from our mistakes….and so now with fingers crossed, sleeves rolled up and lots of research to rely on, i finally laid the corner stone with a whole lot of them. I will give you points and pointers that might came across to be useful to you in order for you to take care of this cute little plant incase you own one.

Zesty Soaps.

Hi friends,
This time it’s the humble little SOAP that has taken my fancy. I’m all set to make new varieties every now and then; not only to please my fingers and eyes but also my nasal senses.
The soaps featured in this segment are made of different materials but mostly fresh ingredients and aromatic oils.


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These are small embellishments i came up with, to just pull and stick on cards. Super easy ways to make better than professional looking cards…..Best part about it is ..all the hard work has been done for you!!!!So peel off the backing and use it as u wish. Ideas to turn them into cards follow the embellishments. These are just my ways of making them.During the course of time..i will add more to the collection….so keep an eye!


Hi all,,,
Scrapbooking is something a discovered a few years back,,and i must say once i saw it ,i was hooked.
There is a pleasure like no other in bringing all the beautiful colors together in the form of paper flowers,
ribbons, brads, photographs, and not to forget the never-ending array of colorful scrapbook paper.And don’t even get me started on Textures. Love it!!

I have made quite a few projects on the same,and you will get to see the pictures as soon as i upload them.And i promise you ,that will happen soon ๐Ÿ™‚ .And as always i will need your comments and suggestions to keep me going.

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