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Let the celebration and fun carry beyond the party …..send your friends home with a thank you gesture in the form of a chocolate box or candles or a curio,,or just whatever you like.

Shipping details:

$1:00 each card or up to five cards.
$2:00 for orders between ten and twenty cards.
more than twenty cards will be shipped via USPS flat rate boxes..

gift boxes of any kind will be shipped on a flat rate basis as per USPS ground shipping rates. Costs vary from $5:95-$16:99. However I will make sure you have to pay the least. I will further discuss the shipping rates related to boxes once an order is framed(not necessarily PLACED) just so you can get your final figures..
Shipping costs are calculated for domestic ground shipping in the United States only.
All mailing and shipping is done via USPS.
Your order will be shipped the next business day.
Some of the cards/gift boxes are already sold out and so an order placed for them would vary a little in regards to a slight difference in color.The items will be marked “sold”.


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